Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Blind Stupidity

I posted recently about Gen. Giora Eiland's problems with the convergence plan, and his proposed solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:
"My proposal from 2004, which I put forth to Sharon, calls for a regional solution. Adding 600 square kilometers to Gaza in northern Sinai, to allow for the construction of an international port and airport, and a city in which millions of Palestinians can live. Granting 600 square kilometers to Israel in the West Bank in order to guarantee defensible borders. Compensate Egypt with 150 square kilometers in the southern Negev, and compensation in the form of international economic aid and a tunnel connecting Egypt with Jordan, north of Eilat. The transfer of about 100 square kilometers on the east bank of the river to the Palestinians, granting them 105 percent of the territory they are asking today."
Uzzi Benziman in HaAretz today has this to say in response:

"The weakness of this solution lies in counting chickens before they have hatched: Neither Egypt nor Jordan have expressed agreement."
" Furthermore, Eiland (and Ya'alon as well) in effect reject the possibility of Israel and a Palestinian state existing within the 1967 borders. They assume that demographic, economic and geographic factors do not enable a Palestinian state comprised of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank to be viable, and such a solution would therefore also not provide security for Israel. This is a morbid outlook that questions Israel's ability to live side by side with its neighbors and ignores the existence of peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan. "

So let's see:

Eiland's plan is weak because the Egyptians and Jordanians, with whom we do have peace treaties, haven't expressed interest.

But the convergence plan is brilliant, because:

a) It is morbid to think otherwise.

b) The Palestinians, who seek to kill us every minute of every day, let alone expressing agreement, will definitely be willing to sign a peace accord, as evidenced by the one signed with Egypt and Jordan.

Does one laugh or cry at this idiocy?


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