Friday, May 12, 2006

Rabbeinu Yonah on Darfur

Rabbeinu Yonah, Commentary to Pirkei Avos, Chapter 3 Mishnah 2:

"Rabbi Chaninah Segan HaKohanim says, pray for the welfare of the monarchy, for were it not for trepidation of it, a man would swallow his fellow alive."

'This statement is meant to express the idea that a person should daven for peace in the entire world and to feel pain when others suffer; and this is the way of the Tzaddikim, as David Alav HaShalom, said (Tehillim 35:13) "And I, when they take ill, my clothes are sackcloth, I afflict my soul with fasting".

For a person should not make his supplications and requests solely for his own needs, rather he should daven for all human beings that they be in a peaceful environment, and when there is peace of the monarchy, there is peace in the world.'

Amen Kein Yehi Ratzon.

Good Shabbos.


Anonymous yehuda said...

General question on Rav chanina segan hacohenim.Why don't we say Honosen Teshue anymore.Wile it is not listed by the rm'a as part of the seder tefila the mogen avrohom makes an (explantory) refernce to itS content and says all kehilos are noheg to say it.While Rav Moshe says repeatdly that we must daven for the American goverment His own yeshiva (YSI)doesn't say it.

8:09 AM  
Anonymous only shemah said...

Perhaps the reason we no longer say it is bacause hanoso tesua is said in referance to a king and the US is a democracy so we are noy in the position to make new tefilos.A very svacher diuk for this would be that the aruch hashilchan OC286 says v'nohegim l'vorech es hamelech not es hamalchus.In England they say a tefiloh for the politcly powerless queen but not fot the actual gov.Sefardim don't even say yukum porkun but they do say a tefilah for the govermaent on yomkippur by night.(The last 2 sentences are based on haersay not real knowledge)Rav Moshes referances seem to davening for the US gov seem to be a hakros hatov issue not a kvius tefiloh.FWIW Rav R Feinstein told someone I know who asked why YSI doesn't say hanosen tesua the equivocal answer of "we realy should"The yefeh ainyim hasholom which quotes all nose kailim on SO does not quote the mogen avrhom you refer to on the misnah in avos perhaps this omission is due to the MOs language of Mah S'nohegin rather then an affirmitive chiyuv.With all the above the chiyuv to daven for the USA undoughtbly still remains

3:41 PM  

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