Monday, May 29, 2006

Burning Trash in Halachah

(Please read this whole post if you're going to read any of it.)

A reaction to this and this.
Namely, trash burning riots by some members of the Charedi community in Eretz Yisrael, in reaction to DNA testing a body of a one-year-old baby.

First, to get my initial need to find the Halachic angle of everything off my chest:
1) If there is a "Prili" yogurt container and some leftover chulent in the same trashbin, and you set it on fire, are you violating Bishul Basar BeChalav?

2) Does every kid get to stoke the flames a bit, or once you are under a certain age you get under a spread-out hefty bag for Kol HaNearim?

3) If a newspaper publicizes the trash burning, are they transgressing Gilui HaRiot?

3a) And if I talk about it, is that Avizrayhu of Gilui HaRiot?

4) Does a Bechor get a double portion of trash to burn?

5) If the trash in Yerushalayim is left for more than two days with a night in between, is there a Gezeira that it must be burnt so as to remember to do this for Nosar when we will merit to bring Korbanos?

6) Is the ash Muttar BeHanaah?

Seriously, has anyone ever heard of the Gedolim put out a Kol Koreh to participate in a trash burning!? Protests are fine, massive demonstrations are great, and putting some political pressure on is fantastic. But what's up with trash burning? It doesn't accomplish anything at all, other than make us look like violent jokesters with too much time on our hands.

To be fair, it is important that this paragraph gets underscored:
"Members of Ashdod's ultra-Orthodox community are assisting police in their investigation. They claim they had no knowledge that a plot to abduct the body was being prepared while they negotiated with police to resolve the crisis."

I daven that one day there will be a sufficient level of trust between the authorities and the Charedi community that these crises get resolved without having to resort to any kind of unpleasantness. I have my doubts as to whether that will happen in my lifetime.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You disapointed me as the debricener rov really does have shaalos about burning trash and was hoping you were posting about them.(Most of them revolve around apartment house incenraters e.g. may you drop a "graf shel rayey"down the shute on shabbos or is it amira l'akum since the super will burn it and then of course the old standard shaalos about pesach or having hnoah from issurey hanoeh as they burn,but I enjoyed this post anyhow.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous only shemah said...

My answers would be:(1)only "derech bishul" is osser (m'doyray)(2)Its kol hakodem zoche(3)No due to ain issuer chal al issur but perhaps this is an issur kollel(3a)as in ibid(4)There is no gezarah so noone should mix up the din noser by kodsey kodshim with the din noser by kodsey kalim(5)there is no din yerusah but there is a din chinuch(not to)(6)Thats an old classic,I think tosfos in pesachim discuss having hnoeh while issurey hnoeh are still burning.

11:55 AM  
Anonymous yehuda said...

only shemah-You are missing the amkus of bari.The shaalo about are the ashes mutter bhnoeah is as follows.The gem. tmurah 34a says "kol hanosrofim afran mutter,kol hanborin afran osser.Bari is therefor klerring is trash (1)omud to be buried in the landfill so its ashes are osser b'hnoh or(2)is trash omed omed to be burnt by hafgonas so it's ashes are mutter b'hnoeh.

2:50 PM  
Blogger Bari said...

only shema - Gevaldig stuff!

yehuda - priceless!

2:58 PM  
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